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9:13 AM

I've got this tag from Mbak Rita before I went on holiday last week. This lady is the one who inspiring me a lot to learn more about food photography (thanks ya buuu ... mauu ajah tak rusuhi nanya2 .. hehehe). I'm just a newbie, with my lack photography skills ... seriously into food photography when I got my d40x on November last year. It was my very first experience using dslr camera ... looking through the camera viewfinder makes me sick for the first two weeks, not to mentioned about my shaking hand too ... hahahahaha, glad I've been through all those. And until now on I'm still learning & practicing a lot ... to make a good photograph :)

So, these are my recent 10 fave photos (based on my personal opinion) ...

Next, I will pass this to ...
- mamamira
- mbak retno

PS. Mbak Rita ... lunas yeee ... hehehehehe

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