10:28 AM

We're just get back from our end year holiday ... unplanned, last minutes decision actually, but hey, sometimes we just need pack our bag and go, rite? Liburan bareng kayaknya jadi momen yg kami tunggu2 tiap tahunnya, as for us, decent holiday only happened twice a year, lebaran & akhir tahun hehehe. 

As she grow older, sekarang dia ikut nentuin tujuan liburan berikut things to do-nya. And for closing the 2015, Hongkong it is. Yup, another disneyland visit and for her & the father the trip was the shoe shopping time ... both of them are the shoes addict *tepok jidat*. As for me, seeing them happy makes me more happier, simply as that although one bag doesn't cost any trouble of course hahahaha. Anyway heres few capture from our view finder :)

Some wise says what most important about family holiday is, "it doesn't matter where you go what matter is who you spent the holiday with".

Happy new year 2016, lets embrace the new year :))

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